Leave No Youth Behind Campaign

In line with our organization’s mandate of integrating youth and vulnerable groups into policy and developmental processes, our organization with the support of Alexijan Consults under our Volunteer For Life (VFL) and Youth Farm (YFarm) projects developed the #LeaveNoYouthBehind Campaign on the SDGs in order to provide a unique platform for vulnerable youth to share and gain relevant experiences from key stakeholders, and also advocate for inclusion in the policy and decision making spaces.


This Campaign draws its strength from the ‘Leave No One Behind’ Principles of the SDGs and targets youth with disability, special and health needs, young widows and widowers, young victims of violence, rural and out of school youth, among other vulnerable youth.


The initial phase of this Campaign which will be jointly implemented by our organization and Alexijan Consults will run as a project from November 2017 – November 2020.


  • Research and documentation.
  • Policy advocacy and public mobilization on inclusion of vulnerable youth in policy and developmental processes.
  • Capacity building of the selected groups on Basic Life, Trans-formative Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Skills.
  • Innovative labs, Mock Parliaments, Documentary and Competitions.
  • Strategically position them to benefit from the ‘Leave No Youth Behind agenda’ for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Four Thematic Areas include:

Group 1: Youth with Disability, Albinism and other Special Needs

Group 2: Young Orphans, Widows and Widowers

Group 3: Out of School and Grassroots Youth

Group 4: Young Prisoners and Youth in Conflict Situations


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