Volunteer for Life

The Volunteer For Life (VFL) Project is an initiative of the Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative with support from United Nations Volunteers (UNV), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and Nigerian National Volunteer Service (NNVS), the Presidency, Abuja.


Project Objectives

  • The overall objective of the project is to encourage active citizen involvement in societal development through Volunteerism and Social Responsibility.
  • The Project targets Nigerians within and outside the country who want to use volunteerism as a means of giving back to society and contributing to societal development.
  • Just as the name implies, the VFL project is expected to run throughout a person’s lifetime. It cuts across all sectors of the economy and involves both children, youth, adults, groups and corporate bodies.


Project Aim

  • The Volunteer For Life (VFL) project aims to build and promote a Culture of Volunteerism in our society.
  • The Project builds capacity in the areas of Volunteerism, Mentoring, Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability.


Project Activities

  • Production of more copies and dissemination of the Toolkit for Volunteerism
    Advocacy & Capacity Building
  • Launch of the Volunteer for Life (VFL) Project online
  • Online Certificate Training on Volunteerism & MDGs
  • Grassroots Awareness on Building a Culture of Volunteerism in Nigeria
  • Awards/Special Recognition to Individuals and Communities that promote Volunteerism


Categories and focus area

  • Children (Young Volunteers Club – YVC)
  • Artists (Volunteer Your Talents for Development – VTD Initiative)
  • Government MDAs/OSSAP-MDG (Volunteer Desks Project)
  • Professional Groups/Development Partners (Volunteers Market Place – VMP)
  • Companies (Marketing Volunteerism to improve CSR)
  • Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions (Diplomatic Volunteering Project – DVP)
  • Churches/Mosques (Preach and Practice Volunteerism – PPV)
  • Communities/NGOs/Policy Makers
  • Media (Volunteer Reporting Mechanisms – VRM)
  • Youth (YSE/YSEM initiative with UNV,DIC, UNIC, World Bank)
  • NYSC (Volunteer Service Year Project)
  • Retirees (Volunteer Your Experience)
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