“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings” – Masanobu Fukuoka

After an eventful visit on the 2nd of this month, the YFarm Project team members looked forward to a return.

Friday is here, and we are ready!


As it is our custom, we engage in brain storming sessions before any visit to ensure appropriate outcomes on the farm. Today’s deliberations involved the proposed advocacy visit to the Chief of Mpape and planting procedures, as well as, overall farm activities.

Upon arrival the team went round the farm to track the work progress; tyres bought the previous visit was put to form the proposed learning hub where the participants and team members would meet, learn and interact.


The Advocacy & Campaigns Manager, Mr. Victor Ibekwe, with some team members visited the Mpape Community for an advocacy meeting.

We had a chat with the Chief of Mpape, Mr. Abu Ibrahim Gimba to introduce the YFarm Project II and advocate for community involvement and in building a climate resilient generation. He expressed joy on seeing us and assured to support the campaign of the project.


As a promoter of farming for fun: energizers were put in between to refuel everyone’s energy. Farm workers joined in the fun as no one is left out when it comes to relaxing.


There is no specific place or time for a pep talk because motivation stimulates the required desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a role and to make efforts to attain a goal. The CEO FBIN, Barr. Nkiruka Nnaemego took time out to inspire team members and encourage them, saying that they should all be fired and and have a unified team spirit for the success of the project.


As always, its in our tradition to empower the stomach as “All work and No food brings down people’s morale”.

Team members and farm workers left with a swell tummy rich in

roasted yam and palm oil sauce, with a drink for easy flow.


It was indeed a great time out as everyone left looking forward to a new week.


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